07 June 2013

Pedestal Cake Plates

I pinned these bad boys before Pinterest even existed.  What I mean to say is that I added them to my outrageously long list of bookmarks that I had before the glory of Pinterest.  
Aren't they so awesome?
Pedestal plates

Drool worthy fruit display
They, of course, were done with all sorts of skills by powder coating a cheap thrift store brass candle.  They also cost around $125... for thrift store brass candles... yeah.  I'm not going to pay that much.

2 words:  spray paint 
I don't have the facilities or the know - how to do something like powder coating cheap candle sticks.  Let alone the desire to go out and buy all the supplies.  I found that spray paint worked just as well, and actually turned out OK.  I wish now I had gone over them with a clear gloss coat.

I found the tops of the plates for 75ȼ at Tai Pan Trading.  The candle sticks were 25ȼ that we found a local thrift store, and we used Urethane Glue which cost around $6.  The spray paint was what I had left over from other projects.

Before the food

We used the cake plates at my sister's baby shower brunch where we had all different kinds of quiche.  It was such a nice way to display everything because not one pedestal matched in color or height.  And we used a couple of mugs for some of them.

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