02 June 2013

Macaron Purse: Making it Work for Me

OK, so I pinned these little Macaron Coin Purses a little while ago from Craft Passion, and I immediately fell in love.

When I started doing them I just had one little problem with the inside plate, because I am O.K. at stitching, but I couldn't for the life of me get the plate to go on the inside like they did in their tutorial.  Do you see how on the inside it's nice and flat?  Yeah, I couldn't get it to work.

Instead of using the inside plate that comes with the button I made a yo-yo out of the lining fabric for one.  (I did not have to cut a different size from what the original tutorial says.)  And a round piece of Felt (1 1/2 inch round) for the other.  I think either one work nicely as a lining.

OK, when you get to this point:

Unzip your little purse because after all we want to sew the lining on the inside of the thing.

Put your little yo-yo smooth side up on the bottom part of the shell.

And sew it in place

Here is what it should look like when you are done:

Now is when you sew the top part of the buttons on according to their instructions, but I have one other thing to say.  The first time I made this purse I didn't have any batting, so I just put some plain wool felt over the button, but I found that my purse was not very fluffy (duh.) and it was a little bit harder to sew and be able to hide my stitches.  Also, I hadn't drawn a line around where I was supposed to sew, just winging it, and my top ended up being very tight, and my stitches not so invisible.
The second time around I dug through all my stuff and found one tiny scrap of batting that was just enough, and decided to double up by using both felt and batting.  Like so:

I think the result was way better because my stitches are more hidden, and the top looks more like a cookie - which is our goal in the end.  The one on the right is just felt, where as the one on the left has both.  I would like the one on the right more, but maybe if my stitches were a little neater. 

These purses are such a cute Idea if you need or want a personalized gift.  They are just big enough to put earrings, rings, or other little trinkets in, and really add a nice touch to a simple gift.

P.S.  I found these stack-able chevron rings at Mindy's Minute Market


  1. What could I use instead of a plate where as I can,t find any,can you give me any ideas please,I would love to try and make one of these I thought they were so cute,be nice for little gifts!