18 January 2013

DIY: Milk Bottle Cookie Mix with Labels

Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Quickbread in an up-cycled milk bottle.

I found this beauty via Pinterest, and instantly wanted to recreate it for a church service project, but the labels were not to be found.

I used old SOBE bottles instead, that had been collected by my neighbor.  I Removed the stickers using Thoro, which they don't sell any more, and cleaned the bottles Inside and out thoroughly.  Once they were clean, I soaked them in vinegar to remove any water spots.  I Removed all the lids, Cleaned them really well, and spray painted them white.  You could also cover them in craft paper.

Instead of quick bread I wanted to make cookies, so I used THIS Recipe halved. After Layering the ingredients in the bottles I printed and cutout labels using similar fonts, and style as the Sunset version.


Here are My labels that I printed on to brown label paper. After they printed I highlighted the oatmeal image with a white gel pen.


Feel Free to use my labels for your own project! 

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to ask how u made ur labels? thanks!

    1. Hi! First I would like to preface this comment with the statement that I am not a professional in any way shape or form. I use Microsoft Design Studio 4 and Gimp to compile the images.

  2. Hi Kit, How do we print your label out to use? I'm not computer sauvey and do need assistance figuring this out :) Thank you , Sherry <3